The chemistry of casein is still very obscure

     For this project I researched the past of my late grandfather.
     One of the few things that are known about his life
     during the Interbellum and WWII is that he
     was running a chemical lab in the centre of Amsterdam.

     I inherited his archive, and from this material
     I tried to reconstruct parts of his life during this period.
     While doing this I played with fiction and truth
     because my grandfather left many questions after his death.
     I used a selection of original documents.
     The documents are chronologicaly ordered.
     In this order are some gaps that I have filled with other
     original materials that suggested story lines that might be true.

     Eventhough I found a lot of information about casein in his legacy
     it is unlikely that my grandfather ever worked with this plastic.
     During the exposure of this work I made every week casein.
     I followed one of his recipes using 100 litres of milk.

     I made replica's of his windows and covered them in the casein.
     The casein dries out over time.
     It cracks and falls down, leaving a see-through pattern on the glass of the windows.
     And a growing pile of casein fragments on the floor.

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