Joost Nieuwenburg

1979, Alkmaar, The Netherlands


(2001-2004) Royal Academy of fine Arts, Interfaculty of Image and Sound The Hague, The Netherlands
                     degree in music and fine art (Bmus and Bfa)
(1998-2002) Royal Conservatory, Sonology, The Hague, The Netherlands

Selected exhibitions/performances

(2013) 's Gravenhaarlem (part 1: De Besturing), Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, The Netherlands
(2013) Radical Colophon, a project by Anna Moreno, W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(2012) Experimentica 2012, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales
(2012) Matadero summer terrace program, Matadero, Madrid, Spain
(2012) Somewhere in the Horopter, Mediodia Chica, Madrid, Spain
(2012) Fierce festival, Birmingham, England
(2011) A lost point of view, Zzondag Villa Ockenburg, Den Haag, The Netherlands
(2010) Till We Eat Again, festival Key of Life, Leiden, The Netherlands
(2010) Roter Salon der Volksbuhne, Berlin, Germany
(2010) Easy show, kamer laakkwartier, Den Haag, The Netherlands
(2009) Auxesis, TactileBosch, Cardiff, Wales
(2009) Tour de dada, Scheltema, Leiden, The Netherlands
(2009) Kunst der Begegnung, Kasko, Basel, Switzerland
(2008) We left the warm stable and entered the latex void, Montreal, Canada
(2008) VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada
(2008) 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto, Canada
(2008) gallery ART CLAIMS IMPULSE, Berlin, Germany
(2008) Endurance, Vivid, Birmingham, England
(2007) Experimentica 07, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales
(2007) Adiction-Lapse, TactileBosch, Cardiff, Wales
(2007) European Performance Art Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
(2007) Ex-is festival, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2007) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(2006) Expo2006 festival of live art, Graft, The Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, England
(2006) Nine Dragon Heads, Geochang, South-Korea
(2006) FlossSound, Foundation V/H de Gemeente, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
(2006) Confuse.exe, Electron, Breda, The Netherlands
(2006) Greenroom, Manchester, England
(2006) Stand van zaken 2005/Jack of hearts, STROOM, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2005) Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
(2005) Break-festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
(2005) Start 05!, Gem, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2005) festival Sound, Defka, Assen, The Netherlands
(2005) The morning after, Quartair, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2005) Red Hot, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2004) Stichting KOP, Breda, The Netherlands
(2004) TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory, The Hague, The Netherlands
(2004) Eerste pluk, Theater Zeebelt, The Hague, The Netherlands

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