Phonogene: How it works

The Phonogene consist of a round piece of plastic
with inside four or six play-back heads from a tape-recorder.
The four heads are conected in series with each other.
This means that they are not four individual heads anymore
but actualy they are one big play-back head.

Take a piece of tape carrying sound-information.
Let this tape run over one quarter of the circle of the Phonogene (from A to B).
When the Phonogene turns counter-clock-wise head nr 1
will "read" the tape in between A and B.
When head nr 1 is about to pass B, then nr 2 will just start reading from point A.
This results in looping a very short piece of sound.
The pitch of the sound is determent by the RPM of the Phonogene.
When the tape slowly moves from A in the direction of B,
the Phonogene will time-stretch the sound.

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